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Investment Management Strategies


Bonds - This strategy seeks to provide a return greater than that of an investment in CD’s with very limited volatility or investment risk.

Current IncomeThis strategy is designed specifically for investors who wish to receive a steady stream of current income from their investments.  The goal for this strategy is to provide the highest possible portfolio yield with the lowest amount of risk.

Stock - This strategy utilizes various fundamental, economic, and technical models to invest in a limited number of top performing stocks.  This strategy moves among various investment styles (Large Cap, Small Cap, Value, Growth, etc.) as changes occur in the overall economic environment.

Strategic Allocation - This strategy is the most aggressive and invests in specific economic sectors based on various technical, economic, and fundamental indicators.  The strategy is divided into three areas: Technology/Commodities, Financial/Energy, and Growth/Energy.  Trades are made among various investment vehicles within these sectors, with the goal of being invested in the best overall sectors of the economy for maximum growth.