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Portfolio Analysis


Active portfolio management is one of the things that sets Advantage Investing apart from other investment advisors.  We take the following steps to ensure your investments are doing all they can for you:

Determine the proper asset allocation for your unique needs and goals.  This means looking at your personal risk tolerances, income needs, investment horizon, and other expectations to find a mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments suited to you.

Find the securities which best suit your asset allocation.  After your asset allocation has been found, the best investment vehicles in each area are determined.

Make adjustments to your asset allocation and securities holdings as economic and market conditions, as well as your own needs and goals, change over time.  Good portfolio management requires the advisor to keep abreast of all changing market conditions.  It also requires good communication with the client to know when their goals and needs have changed.  A well managed portfolio is constantly being watched and adjusted to be sure it is always current.